Extending Primary Care

Why Choose HVA Medical Group?

Our hospitalist team is dedicated to our patients and their families. They provide more immediate, directed care to our patients, and provide continuity during the hospital stay. If a patient needs to be admitted to the hospital, a member of our hospitalist team will perform the initial history and physical, make daily rounds and supervise their progress while in the hospital. Our hospitalists will communicate with our physicians to update us on treatment plans and progress. We ask that you notify the ED staff that you are one of our patients so that our hospitalist care team is contacted.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is an internal medicine or family medicine physician who has dedicated his or her to career to providing care to hospitalized patients. By focusing exclusively on patients in a hospital setting, these physicians have unique insight into what it takes to provide the best possible care to patients in the hospital. Working in coordination with the patient’s primary care physician, these physicians concentrate their efforts on the care of sick patients once they enter the hospital for treatment. They organize the communication between different doctors caring for a patient, and serve as the point of contact for other doctors and nurses for questions, updates, and delineating a comprehensive plan of care. They are also the main physician for family members to contact for updates on a loved one.

Our Hospitalists